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Cargoinspect was appointed as project cargo surveyors to supervise the discharge of a consignment of windmill towers at the Port of Houston, Texas. 

Our experience has demonstrated that the surveyor’s attendance drastically reduces the risk of improper handling, damages and project delays. 

We work closely with insurance underwriters, shipping companies, terminal operators, shippers and consignees to determine the most effective procedures to ensure that discharge operations and delivery are carried out smoothly and without incidents. 

Cargoinspect surveyors boarded the vessel on arrival and inspected the cargo on deck and inside the holds to ascertain its condition. 

Our surveyors also inspected the equipment and gear to be used during the discharge, and remained in attendance throughout the discharge and subsequent delivery. 

Once the discharge was completed, our surveyors inspected all the cargo in detail.

Upon completion of the assignment, a detailed report with photographs was provided to the client covering the discharge operations, deficiencies, affectations to the cargo, as well as recommendations to mitigate the losses.  

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